Developer: Ghost Data Media

Publisher: Feenx Games

Development time: Roughly 4 months

Release Date(s):

September 20th, 2020 for

April 13th, 2021 for Newgrounds and Google Play Store

Price: Free

Store Pages:, Newgrounds, Google Play Store

Contact: ghostdatamedia(at)gmail(dot)com


Twitter: @GhostDataMedia


They stepped up their game, now it's time to step up yours!

In this sequel to the hit original you can blast weebs away with even more Weapons, Powers, and Waifus in this tower defense game inspired by real events!



  • Awesome Pixel Art and Animation

  • Tons of Anime and Meme References

  • Multiple Random Endings

  • 20 Waves of non-stop action!

Promotional Artwork